How Important Is Windows Operating System For Any Computer User?

An operating system is system software that is meant to manage your hardware and software resources, without an operating system your system cannot work at all. Your operating system can perform the following tasks:

• You can run multiple programs at the same time. It is the OS which decides in which order your programs should run.
• It manages your computer’s hardware resources such as keyboard and mouse.
• It also manages external devices like router, printer, modem etc. It looks for input and output to and from external devices.
• OS manages the sharing of internal memory among all the application.

Apart from above-mentioned functions, an OS can perform various activities, thus it becomes necessary for any user to opt for a reliable operating system that can make their task easy and convenient. Microsoft has developed Windows OS, which was the first OS that features graphic user interface (GUI) for IBM compatible computers. The first edition of Windows 1 was launched in 1985. It is the most used OS in the world with more than 90% PCs user worldwide. It allows you to complete a variety of everyday tasks such as browse the internet, check your mails, edit photos, play games, watch movies, listen to music, create, edit and save documents and much more.

Since 1985 Microsoft has launched over 9 different versions of Windows. Each of its versions is better than the previous one with a better user interface and more advanced feature and functionality. Here we are going to discuss some major versions of Windows.

Windows XP - It is one of the longest-running and most successful operating system. The only problem that XP users face was of security. Even though it has a build in firewall but that is turned off by default.

Windows 7 - It was faster, stable and easier to use than its previous version. Handwriting recognition was debuted in 7. Basically it was introduced to compensate the problems that Vista users have to face.

Windows 8 - After three years of 7, 8 was launched in 2012. This version was definitely faster than the previous version. Microsoft introduced the touchscreen support which was not welcomed by many users.

Windows 8.1 - It re-introduced “Start” menu which was more suitable for desktop computers. Users can choose to directly boot into Windows 8.1 desktop.

Windows 10 - It is the latest and the most talked about version of Microsoft. It allows you to switch between a keyboard, mouse mode and a tablet mode. Lot new features are added in this to give a rich experience to users.

Certain Technicalities Can Block Your Way

Not every Windows user is a happy user! The reason behind it is the technical glitches that come their way while installation process or during the usage of the software. Some such complications are listed here:

• Facing issues in the installation of the software as the installation process is aborting midways.
• Problems in repairing the program.
• Cannot properly make a partition in the hard-drive.
• Blue screen of death is causing abrupt system shut down.
• Not able to clear junk and temporary files for better system performance.
• Unable manage the setting for proper audio-video output.
• The system started working slow all of the sudden.
• It’s hard to deal with BIOS related error codes.
• Finding it tough to defragment the hard drive for proper optimization.
• Facing issues in using an administrative account in the system.
• Problems in system boot even with bootable devices.
• So many unpleasant experiences because of frequent exceptions and fatal errors.
• Windows is running sluggishly and becoming unresponsive.
• Not getting proper updates.
• Not having enough space to install the software.
• Re-installation and activation related issues.
• Slow start-up and shutdown issues.

The above issues can make things difficult for you. It is always better to address these issues on time before they take up a giant face.

Troubleshoot Blue Screen Error During Windows 10 Upgrade

When you try to upgrade your older version of windows to Windows 10, you come across Blue screen of death error and if that happens the system will roll back to the previous version. Following are the reasons and fix of the issue:

• You have a third party application or software installed on your PC which is having a conflict with your OS. Better uninstall any unnecessary app or software.
• It can be a hardware related issue, so before you begin the installation, unplug non-essential peripherals including external devices like printer, USB devices, phones etc.
• The reason for the error could be damaged set-up file. To fix the error you need to re-download the installation files.

What if You Can’t Address the Issues On Your Own?

Not everyone can be perfect in everything, some people are specialized in one thing and others are specialized in other things. That is the reason sometimes people are not able to address the complications they come across with Windows operating system on their own and when this happens they start looking for a reliable expert who can guide them for fixing the concerned problem, but most of the time they get disappointed because they fall into trap of fake technicians.

For trusted Windows technical service you can contact our trained and certified Windows experts at our help desk. These technicians have great knowledge about the software and this is the reason they can resolve each and every issue with the blink of an eye, you just need to convey them your problem and leave rest on them. We always feel that your problem is ours and feel happy to serve you.