Necessity of Printer in This Paperless World

Printers always had a bad reputation in the market because of various reasons but still, you cannot deny the fact that at some point or the other you need it to complete your task. No matter how much we try to go paperless but still school and offices can never go completely paperless. A professional, businessman or a student will definitely need this machine to complete their reports, protects, presentations and assignments. Below are some reasons why you still need a printer:

• It is always easy to edit and moodily a printed document.
• Paper is more convenient to read and markups.
• Papers can be cheap and easily stored. In fact, they can be readily available.
• Hard copy and a soft copy can work together.
• You can use printed documents for marketing purpose.
• You can take printouts of your personal photos to frame them.

Hence, we cannot neglect the importance of having it even in this era of technology. But we need to make a wise decision before buying a printing machine. There are hundreds of printer brand in the market such as Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, HP and much more who are claiming to be the best. In fact, there are so different kinds of printers like inkjet, laser, Dot-matrix etc. and now you have to choose among so many things which are best for you and which one fulfills all your printing needs. These days’ people prefer for All-in-One printers which can perform scanning, printing, copying, and fax and moreover you don’t have to worry about wires as wireless printers are in great demand these days.

• First and foremost is to see if your operating system supports it or not.
• Choose if you want it to be colored or a black and white one.
• Of course, you have to see how much money you can spend.
• Then see which features you want and which not.
• Choose between single function and All-in-One printers.
• Decide whether a colored inkjet is right for you or you want laser one.
• Also consider other things, such as resolution, operating cost, speed, quality, network-enabled, compatibility, easy to use, warranty and so on.
• After sorting out these things, you can go to a printer shop and compare the printer brands to choose the best.

Your Printer Can Give You Nightmares

Problem in printing often takes place due to technical issues that arise before and after the installation of the printer driver. We cannot predict when your high-tech printing machine will ditch you because of technical error. Some common problems associated with it are as follows:

• Unable to install the driver properly.
• The printer is printing very slowly.
• Frequent paper jam is the most frustrating issue that anyone can face.
• Skipping pages while printing multiple pages.
• Error messages are coming from the print command.
• You are not getting the quality of print you desire.
• The incompatible driver is causing many printing issues.
• The printer is queuing the print jobs.
• Scan or copy feature of the machine is not working.
• Problems in bringing it back from offline mode to online mode.
• Firewall and antivirus products are blocking printer installation.
• Network issues with wireless printers.
• The printer is becoming unresponsive too often.
• Other troubleshooting issue associated with the machine.

Some Printer Maintenance Tips You Can Follow

• Clean print head regularly to avoid print quality issues.
• Keep the driver up to date.
• You can use computer vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the inside of the machine.
• Always use genuine ink cartridge.
• Try to keep it in regular use as otherwise print head nozzles get blocked.
• Inspect your printer properly after every paper jam.
• Avoid using strong chemical cleaning agents and alcohol to clean your printer.
• Do not leave the paper on paper tray to accumulate dust as that can damage your computer.

At Times You Will Need Technical Services for Printer Issue

Many times we try hard to keep maintaining our printer machines but still, we come across different technical issues. At times these issues look pity and people try to resolve them on their own, temporarily they are able to resolve it but then after some time the issue returns back. The best way to rectify these issues will be taking help from Printer service providers on our toll free contact. We provide services in two ways; you can either choose to go with our phone support service or with our remote service where we remote access your device to fix the problem.

The techies on our help desk have years of experience and they are masters in handling even the most complex issues. These technicians are experts in handling issues of Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother and HP Printer. When you call us, you just have to convey your problem to us and then leave rest on our experts. They will diagnose the issue, find out its cause and then finally serve you with the best possible solution available for it. Even they will suggest you measures to avoid the same issue again in future.