What is the Reason People Trust Microsoft Products?

Microsoft originated almost four decades ago and since then it has gained people’s trust with its computer software, cloud services, computer hardware, mobile and gaming system etc. As the time is changing we are becoming more dependent on electronic devices like laptops, computers, Smartphone and other such devices. It won’t be wrong to say that now we save more data and personal information in our Smartphone and PCs than we keep in our whole office or home. And to fulfill your needs you need a reliable agent like Microsoft to serve you with applications and software that can be trusted blindly. No doubt Microsoft products can serve you with data security like none other product.

Microsoft is mainly famous for its Windows, Office 360 and Office 365. Gone are the days when a writer used to take help of a paper and pen to jot down their thoughts or an office employee used to maintain the record in files, now in this 21st-century world is becoming paperless. We don’t prefer to use paper and pen for any kind of writing task, instead, people us MS word for the same and you can use MS Excel for many different purposes starting from maintaining a record to calculating data. Apart from these two people also prefer MS PowerPoint which is a great tool creating a slideshow for any sort of presentation with 3D and sound effects.

Office 365 is a group of subscriptions that provide different productivity software and their services. Once you buy its subscription, you are allowed to use MS Office apps, Skype, Outlook, Yammer, SharePoint, Office Online and provided storage space on the One Drive file hosting service. You can easily manage and configure its components through a simple online portal. You can get the software for both household use and for your growing business. All-in-All we can say that as the name suggests Office 365 is a complete package for all Office goers and businessmen. These software have become a necessity of the hour and once one get habitual of using them in their day to day life then it becomes almost impossible for them to live without these programs.

Barriers That Can Come Your Way

While buying any product and software we look for its features and advantages but we forget to look at the problems that it might come along with. Microsoft software is no different in this case. Whether you are using Excel, Word, PowerPoint or any other component of Office 365, there are some complications that will definitely make your task more difficult.

• Trouble in setting up Office app on your device.
• Permission level for the software varies across different Outlook clients.
• Problems in getting the correct add-ins for your Office application.
• PowerPoint is becoming unresponsive or hanging in the middle.
• Abrupt program crash while running the software.
• MS Word or Excel email attachments are not opening.
• Unable to protect your Word documents from unauthorized access.
• Not able to import or export files from Excel application.
• Getting product activation failed error.
• The program is running extremely slow.
• Getting compatibility issues.
• Not able to save work in Office application.
• Unable to update Microsoft product.
• Other troubleshooting issues.

If you get these issues with your software then surely either you won’t be able to continue with your work or you have to struggle a lot for resuming your task. So, better mend these issues on the spot before they become a major one.

MS Word is Hanging or Freezing

Isn’t it frustrating that you doing an important assignment and when you are about to finish it, MS Word stop functioning or become unresponsive? Do not panic if that happens with you, better try the given method to resolve the problem.

• Close your Word and click on the Start menu.
• Then in the run box, type %userprofile%\application data\microsoft\templates.
• Click OK.
• In the next window, right-click the normal file and name it as OldNormal.
• Now start Word again.

Hope your issue is now fixed and you can resume your assignment.

Are You Finding it Difficult to Handle These Issues?

It is not always possible for a common user to rectify the issues associated with your Microsoft product, this is the reason one always look for a reliable support. Only a knowledgeable and experienced technician can provide you what you are looking for. The answers to your query and the solution for your problems are with our Microsoft service agents who are working 24x7 and 365 days on our Help desk.

Once you connect with us, you will not have to struggle with anything related to your software, as all our technicians will work together to make sure that you can access all the applications and programs without any hassle. We always stay on our customer’s side until they feel satisfied with our services and their software start working in a smooth manner. So, whether the issue is small or a big one, you can come to us with it and feel relaxed.