Advantages and Disadvantages of Email

As per the history of email, the first mail that was sent from the computer to computer was in the year 1969 and with the invention of the internet in late 1960s usage of email start increasing. Now it has become an indispensable part of day to day life, especially for business activities. Companies that are fully computerized make use of it extensively because it is fast, flexible and reliable. It is not only the fastest mean of communication but also the affordable one. To use a mail service all you need is an internet connection and a device (computer, mobile, iPad or Mac).

Presently, only webmail services are leading the world and that are Gmail, Hotmail, and Outlook. These email services come with some extraordinary features but they also have some limitations.


• When using broadband, each email you sent is absolutely free.
• You can store messages and attachments safely, logically and reliably.
• It is quite simple to send and receive messages.
• Mails are the fastest mean of written communication.
• You can access your emails from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
• It is paperless, hence it becomes eco-friendly.
• You can send a single message to a mass number of people with just one click.
• You can use your mail account 24 hours a day and 365 days.


• You are bounded to have an internet connection for accessing emails.
• It is the most common medium of the virus.
• You can receive phishing mails that ask for your personal and financial information and then they use the information as for identity theft.
• You won’t get notifications whether your mail is read or not.
• To receive and send mails, there is a necessity that one login their account.
• Unsolicited and junk mails can be an issue.
• It lacks personal touch, they can never beat handwritten letters.
• It can build misunderstanding if the messages are not composed in the right way.

Some Email Security Tips for Every User

Every email user should keep some tips and tricks in his mind to avoid any kind of problem or security risk while using it.

• Keep different accounts for personal, business and financial purpose as this will keep you away from stalking and intrusion.
• Never share your password and other security information with anyone.
• Make sure you check the source of email before downloading an attachment from them.
• When accessing your mail account on a public computer do not forget to logout properly and close the browser.
• Always remain conscious before clicking on any link n your email as that can be a phishing attack.
• Never believe in emails that claim you won a lottery and then ask you to share your personal information.
• Use two-step verification or multi-layer authentication to add an extra layer of security to your account.
• Use a correct phone number and an alternative email address to get the notification about suspicious activities.
• Always block spam mails and do not forget to delete them.
• Keep deleting browser history, catch and your password.

Few Technical Faults That Can Make Your Emailing Task Difficult

It doesn’t make a difference which email service you are using, whether it is Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook, there is some common problem that every email user come across.

• Obstacles in sending and receiving mails.
• Messages are bouncing back into your account.
• Not able to load your email account in a particular browser.
• Not able to manage account settings to give it your personal touch.
• Not able to open the PDF or Word/Excel attachments.
• Incapableof sending big attachment files to anyone.
• Facing issues in setting up a new email account.
• You feel suspicious activities in your account, indicating that it is compromised or hacked.
• Problems in syncing mails and contacts from one account to another.
• The send mails are stuck in the outbox.
• Email username and password recovery issue.
• Your mailbox size has bulged up.
• Unable to deal with junk and phishing mails.
• Forgot account recovery questions and information.
• Unable to setup multi-layer authentication in your account.
• Difficulty in dealing with increasing number of failure daemon messages.
• Mails which are not being received by the user.
• Cannot set up auto-responder in your email account.
• Unblockinga compromised account is quite difficult.
• Problems in re-activation of your email account.

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